About the Studio


About the website
The website’s purpose is to show you the colorfulness, the richness and the endless possibilities of decorated ceramic tiles
The website is built in a way that we thought would be the most comfortable for you to browse and view the objects in the different categories. You are welcome to look around, lose yourselves in the ocean of possibilities and choose with your own eyes.
Enjoy yourselves!

About the material
The use of painted and decorated ceramic tiles, is as ancient as mankind. We find decorated tiles in almost all the great cultures of the world. This is an eternal material, a connection between construction and art, and it’s traditions are rich and almost endless.
Picture yourselves the white-and-blue decorations of Delft on the dutch tiles, the amazing palaces of Istanbul, covered with Iznik tiles in shades of blue-turquoise-red, the rough painted Tera-Kota tiles in Mexico
The world is full of colorful ceramic tiles, and working with this material connects me to a glorious chain.

About the studio and the artist
Studio “Metzuyarim” was established in 1995 as a fulfillment of a dream, Monica Kovetz’s personal dream
Monica – a painter, an illustrator and a designer, has left the art teaching in search of a new field, one that will allow her to express her variety of dreams.
Color, imagination and creativity rules her studio, located at the settlement Atzmon in the Galil, but still the connection to new space designing is powerful.
In the studio there’s a great variety of tiles, with many different decorations: birds, fish, animals, naive paintings and many geometric motives and beautiful patterns. You can also find there complementary accessories for showers and kitchens, items combining wood, blacksmith works and tiles. Those are also presented to you here on the website.

About the process
I begin to paint on tiles like I begin any other painting – with an idea, an illusion or a dream, and sometimes within a process of thinking. Thus the forms and colors slowly appear
The process of building your house is also creative, and involves many thoughts and dreams. Let’s try to bring our dreams together. When people look at my tiles they often feel a connection to the forms or the colors. They feel in touch with the process of creation.
You are welcome to choose from the wide selection of patterns. You are also welcome to come to my studio and bring your own tiles, to be painted on.
The tiles are burned in high temperature, and the painting is highly resistant to cleaning and even to the damages caused by time.
The final planning of how many painted tiles are required for your space and where you should put them – can be done independently, with your architect, and by consulting me.